• Spring Boot: Sessions actuator endpoint

    This post shows how you can implement a custom Spring Boot Actuator endpoint that prints information about all active HttpSessions: HttpSession meta data is prefixed with @ signs: id, creation time and last accessed time. The other values are a raw dump of all the HttpSession attributes. You can use this endpoint during development to inspect active sessions.… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: Introduce your own insight endpoints

    In this post I show how you can develop custom Spring Boot Actuator HTTP endpoints for obtaining detailed insight into your Spring Boot application’s runtime behavior. Here’s an example: The above output is simple. Yet it can be useful to have in many applications. Like the “official” Spring Boot Actuator info output. If you don’t find this concrete example interesting, then I’m sure… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: Enhance your logging

    In this post I show how you can tune your Spring Boot application’s logging output – such that it has even more information when you need to troubleshoot. The method is actually so generic that you can apply it to other types of Java applications as well – for example Java EE applications. What you have today… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: Enhance your thread dumps

    In this post I show how you can add extra information to your applications’ thread dumps. I will use Spring Boot as an example environment – but the idea is very generic: You can, for example, easily apply this technique to any other Java EE application server environment you may have. Here is an example of an enhanced thread dump output (out of… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: Custom auto-configuration JARs

    Custom auto-configuration JAR: A shared JAR module containing Spring beans that can be automatically activated in one or more Spring Boot applications. Auto-configuration JARs are extensively used by the official Spring Boot starter modules you are using in your every-day Spring Boot applications. But did you know that you easily can create such functionality yourself too? Here’s how to do… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: UI for the dump endpoint

    I am really happy with the actuator functionality in Spring Boot applications. It offers some fantastic tools for gaining insight into your application. Some of the REST endpoints that you get – such as health and metrics – are easy to read. Despite the fact that they render as JSON, my guess is that your human eyes still can comprehend it. But… Continue Reading