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Java EE: Hello World, Kotlin

Are you a savvy Java EE 7 application developer? My bet is then, that you are using Java 7/8 for developing your favorite components (EJBs, CDI beans etc). In this post I am going to show how you can develop

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Spring Boot: Enhance your logging

In this post I show how you can tune your Spring Boot application’s logging output – such that it has even more information when you need to troubleshoot. The method is actually so generic that you can apply it to other types

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Spring Boot: Enhance your thread dumps

In this post I show how you can add extra information to your applications’ thread dumps. I will use Spring Boot as an example environment – but the idea is very generic: You can, for example, easily apply this technique to any other Java EE

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Arquillian: Testing legacy applications

This post describes a technique that my previous colleagues and I successfully used for integration testing a large and complex legacy Java EE 7 application (EAR file). The tests were successfully implemented using Arquillian along with a few WildFly tricks. Just want to see the

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