• Java EE: Hello World, Kotlin

    Are you a savvy Java EE 7 application developer? My bet is then, that you are using Java 7/8 for developing your favorite components (EJBs, CDI beans etc). In this post I am going to show how you can develop a Java EE 7 application using Kotlin 1.1 instead. It is very very (!) easy:… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: Enhance your logging

    In this post I show how you can tune your Spring Boot application’s logging output – such that it has even more information when you need to troubleshoot. The method is actually so generic that you can apply it to other types of Java applications as well – for example Java EE applications. What you have today… Continue Reading

  • Spring Boot: Enhance your thread dumps

    In this post I show how you can add extra information to your applications’ thread dumps. I will use Spring Boot as an example environment – but the idea is very generic: You can, for example, easily apply this technique to any other Java EE application server environment you may have. Here is an example of an enhanced thread dump output (out of… Continue Reading

  • Arquillian: Testing legacy applications

    This post describes a technique that my previous colleagues and I successfully used for integration testing a large and complex legacy Java EE 7 application (EAR file). The tests were successfully implemented using Arquillian along with a few WildFly tricks. Just want to see the solution? Then skip the next section, Background, and go straight to the section, Solution: Privileged anemic test… Continue Reading