• Spring Boot: UI for the dump endpoint

    I am really happy with the actuator functionality in Spring Boot applications. It offers some fantastic tools for gaining insight into your application. Some of the REST endpoints that you get – such as health and metrics – are easy to read. Despite the fact that they render as JSON, my guess is that your human eyes still can comprehend it. But… Continue Reading

  • Arquillian: Testing legacy applications

    This post describes a technique that my previous colleagues and I successfully used for integration testing a large and complex legacy Java EE 7 application (EAR file). The tests were successfully implemented using Arquillian along with a few WildFly tricks. Just want to see the solution? Then skip the next section, Background, and go straight to the section, Solution: Privileged anemic test… Continue Reading

  • Spring 5: Gets reactive

    Spring 5 is going to include support for the reactive programming model [1]. Here’s an example: Find a working solution at GitHub. It is based on Spring 5 milestone 1 and the current state of the experimental spring-boot-*-web-reactive libraries. It is much like a normal Spring MVC controller. It is only the return type (Mono) that is different and the fact… Continue Reading